The Product


To minimize the financial impacts on your company with consumption energy, we present the Electromagnetic Retainer.

The device developed exclusively by Somatec Blocking has 13 models with different sizes and voltage ranges, varying according to the characteristics of the switchboard where it will be installed. Through an electronic system that identifies electrical transients in the electric current, the Electromagnetic Retainer eliminates disturbances arising from generation, transport and the way energy is consumed, reducing its energy consumption.

The Electromagnetic Retainer allows machines and equipment to work with an electrical energy supply without the imperfections existing in the network. Consequently, it is possible to verify through technical reports the reduction in energy consumption, the increase in motor performance, the increase in power factor and load factor, protection against burning equipment by lightning and much more, which finally generates more savings for your business.

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    The technology applied in the design of the Electromagnetic Retainer is aimed at allowing machines and equipment to work with an electric power supply without network imperfections, which are basically undervoltage, overvoltage, Total Harmonic Current Distortion (THDi), Total Harmonic Voltage Distortion (THDv) and radio frequency systems absorbed by the high voltage line.

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    There are 13 models with different sizes and voltage ranges, which vary according to the characteristics of the switchboards where they will be installed.

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    Through information gathered by previous measurements made by energy analyzers, the Electromagnetic Retainer is specifically designed for the customer’s needs, ensuring a more accurate and efficient performance.

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    The installation is made in low voltage, in parallel to the circuit where the Electromagnetic Retainer is installed. Due to their compact size, the Electromagnetic Retainers don’t require any changes in the structure of the electric facilities in order to be installed.


    • Electric power consumption
    • Electric maintenance costs
    • Fines (due to low power factor)
    • Production downtimes due to electric damages

    • Useful life of the equipment
    • Useful life of electronic plates
    • Useful life of lamps
    • Power factor

    • Against atmospheric discharges
    • Against tension variations
    • Damages arising from THD (Total Harmonic Distortion)



Our results are technically verified by experienced and qualified electrical engineers in the fields of electrical measurements, by using top-rated gauged energy analyzers and the most reputable brands on the market.
The reduction in electric power consumption is always verified through comparative data extracted from energy analyzers and production worksheets, in periods with and without the use of the Electromagnetic Retainers.
*Examples QF - Production (same production for both periods)


Meeting the highest quality and safety technical standards, Somatec Blocking is the main reference for electric power reduction in the national market, with technically verified percentages. The Electromagnetic Retainers are used by many renowned companies in Brazil and abroad.
Somatec is also recognized by FIESP as the owner of the greatest technological innovation for electric power. In 2015, it received the Acelera Startup award, coveraged by TV network Rede Globo in the Jornal Nacional newscast.