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The electrical installation can be damaged early, undergo a reduction in the lifetime of electronic equipment and suffer from outages in the operation of the productive activity due to the action of surges and transients, which are caused by factors originating internally in its own network or in the middle of transmission lines due to atmospheric discharges or operations by the concessionaires.
The problems described can occur daily, to a greater or lesser extent, and commonly cause damage, even in electrical networks equipped with SPDA and SPD.
Generally, electrical installations are more susceptible to the action of transients and surges:

  • In which electrical commutation of any type of load occurs;
    - Equipped with capacitor banks;
    - That power any micro-processed electronic equipment, especially the most sensitive ones;
    - That power speed control equipment, such as variable frequency drive, direct current converters and thyristorised equipment;
    - Where there is generator commutation;
    - Located in a region with strong fluctuations in energy during rainy seasons;
    - Located at the end of the transmission line region.


Electronic equipment that are damaged early because of the problems with electricity quality, previously mentioned, are mostly converted into electronic waste.

Disposal of e-waste is usually done wrongly, being deposited in landfills. Thus, toxic heavy metal substances, electronic equipments components, can contaminate the soil and reach groundwater. The impacts caused by e-waste residues put the environment at risk, being considered one of the biggest environmental problems in the world. According to a report by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), Brazil is the emerging country that generates the most electronic waste per inhabitant.

The use of Master Block makes it is possible to extend the longevity of electronic equipments, as well as to avoid its sudden damage. When such early damages are avoided, there is a consequent slowdown in electronic waste generation, helping to preserve the environment for longer.

Those who use the Master Block, not only have financial and operational benefits, but also contribute significantly to the preservation of the environment.

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    The Master Block is a Suppressor and Protector against Electrical Surges and Transients, in addition to being a passive filter for frequencies in 100 Khz, which minimizes the risks of damaging equipment, production downtimes in highly critical machines, with the consequent reduction in maintenance costs in general, greater stability in operation and increased lifetime of protected equipment.

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    Because it acts on frequencies tuned to 100 kHz, the Master Block cannot be confused with common SPDs, whose main objective is to act on voltage surges at frequencies below 10 kHz.

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    The Master Block Surge Suppressor is a high performance protection device because it acts simultaneously as: - 100 kHz harmonic filter; - Transient suppressor; - Surge suppressor device; - dV/dt limiter above 50V.

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    In addition to its high levels of protection, the Master Block has a luminous warning system that indicates when it must be replaced before its protection capacity is lost, allowing it to be replaced by new equipment before the network is left unattended.

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    Concerned with the electrical protection of its customers, Somatec Blocking does not just supply a product to be replaced when its lifetime ends. Aware of the importance of an electrical network that is always protected against transients, Somatec Blocking acts proactively to ensure that the Master Block is always in a position to protect its customers' electrical network.


    • Substantial reduction in maintenance costs with replacement of equipment damaged by transients
    • Reduction of outages in production processes due to equipment damages or power outages, with a consequent reduction in raw material losses
    • High-performance electrical protection at levels not achieved by common SPD
    • Environmental benefit, reducing the generation of electronic waste
    • Greater reliability in the operation of computerized systems



Master Block had its efficiency attested in laboratory tests with the following conclusion:

“The Master Block device offers excellent protection against transients and is highly suitable for work on low voltage circuits. The models are extremely efficient in limiting transients, having a robust peak value (surge current)”.